what i’m into {november/december 2019}

What I'm Into Nov.Dec 2019

Last year was probably one of the most interesting of my entire life. So many things happened both good and not-so-good. At the end of the post I will link to my monthly recaps (January thru October). I missed November so we’ll discuss it here.

I intentionally ended the #shannanmoves exercise streak at day 202. When I started it, the Sunday before Memorial Day in May, I intended to participate in the Runner’s World Running Streak, in which I ran a mile every day, until July 4. I did. And kept going.  It turned into the #shannanmoves Streak. In November, I realized that I was becoming a slave to the streak, choosing to keep it going at all costs.  I don’t like to be addicted to anything so I ended it at day 202.  I had thought that it would be nice to have exercised half the year and I did that, exercising 57%. It has been a long time since I have felt this good about my body and my health.

In partnership with Snail on the Wall, the Rocket City Mom Virtual Book Club hosted Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Anne Bogel here in Huntsville on November 7th.  I have dreamed of having Anne in Huntsville since she wrote her first book, Reading People. And guess what? I was “In-Conversation” with her, meaning I was the one who interviewed her.  Upfront. In front of 70 people. I was excited. I was terrified. It turned out well. UPDATE: The recording was so good, thanks to the Hubby, that it became a WSIRN Episode number 222. You can see, er, listen for yourself.)

Hubby and I attended two workshops at Apple about taking photos with the iPhone. These workshops are so informative. If you have an opportunity to take one, I guarantee that it will be worth your time. Hopefully, you guys will see some improvements in my photos.

Seasonal Affective Disorder got a grip on me though.  Even though I was expecting it, it always throws me off to struggle with my attitude, mood, and general lack of motivation.  I have been participating in my own social media break – one reason for my silence on this blog. I reduced my to-do list to the essentials and have been enjoying the time and space that it has afforded.

When I went to my regular counseling session in December, I was ranting. Then my counselor interrupted my rant to ask if I knew that I was being generally positive about my experiences and if that was a conscious effort on my part? I was astounded. I have been a worry-wort, a pessimist, and generally negative my entire life.  The glass is never half-full.  It is always about to run out of milk.

This serves me well in my job.  I am generally on top of every detail and prepare for most eventualities. This does not serve me well in life.  One cannot be on top of every detail and prepare for every eventuality.  One will go crazy.  I know I have.

But I was able to answer her honestly and say, “No. I was not initially making an effort to be positive.” She then uttered some of the best words I have heard all year. “Your overall mindset has changed.” This is HUGE for me! I don’t think it will always be this way – can a leopard change his spots and all.  But with effort, intentionality, and prayer, the meter can move in the other direction. Thank God!

In other news, it snowed. Lasted a day. But it was beautiful.

So, what were you into this past year? Did you learn anything or do anything that was the highlight of your year? Any plans for highlights in 2020?

Let me know, or post a link to your year-end overview in the comments. We do this every month (mostly. As I said, I missed November-insert sad face). We will do it again on Monday, February 3

enjoy life…

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7 thoughts on “what i’m into {november/december 2019}

  1. GIA says:

    Eh… November is a totally overrated month. Hee, hee, hee. Proud of the woman you were this past year. I aspire to be like you in many ways–you are truly blossoming.

    This year I hope to write more letters and cards to friends–that is my goal.

  2. type1diabadass says:

    Wow. You rocked the Anne interview, btw! I am so proud of you, you handle S.A.D. so well, and head on! That encourages me to do better!! I am so glad I went to that event!

    Last year was big for me. I finally committed to really doing well with my health and adding exercise to my routine. Apart from the current injury I am dealing with, I have been consistent. That’s the key for me.

    I also connected with all kinds of book lovers all around me! It was beautiful!

    Your blog is wonderful! I can’t wait to read next month! XOXO

  3. Lisa notes... says:

    What great encouragement to hear that from your counselor! I tend to be a worrywart too, liking to be prepared, but like you say, it can make you crazy. I’ve tried to make peace with uncertainty the past few years and it has helped.

    I know exactly what you mean about your streak. I love when you said you intentionally ended it. That’s how I prefer to end a streak too. As a decision. I currently have a streak going with a Duolingo Spanish lesson every day, but after keeping it going for a year, I chose to break the streak the day before my daughter’s wedding day. I didn’t like being a slave to it. So now I’ll go for awhile with it, then intentionally take a day off to break the addiction.

    I posted my favorite things post today.


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