what i’m into – keeping me sane {april 2021}

What I first started these What I’m Into style post, I imagined them as a fun way to recap the previous month and as a way to make sure that I did something during the month that I would be excited to share with you – a type of external accountability that, as an Obliger, is a big part of my accomplishing anything that I want to do.

Well, ya’ll, April was challenging.  I had so much going on. I participated in a Live Discussion of the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club’s flight pick, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  Some of you are new here because of that conversation.  Welcome! 

I completed some admin-type tasks that have been hanging on for months:  finally, raking the leaves from fall 2020, getting the car service and scheduling a repair, completing the annual OBGYN appointment (I HATE those), rescheduling of dental appointment (that’s this week – wish me luck!), starting my Spring Cleaning (two rooms are done) which will probably last through Spring and into the Summer. I am pretty consistent with vacuuming and dusting but wiping down the baseboards, cleaning the blinds and the ceiling fans are not a regular part of that routine and thus are productions when they need to happen.  I’m hoping to get them cleaned and then add maintenance cleaning throughout the year.   

But I am really pleased with the steps that I took this month to stay sane in the midst of everything. I exercised regularly, an absolute must-do for me. I started a meditation practice of sitting in silence for 10-minutes per day which is fast becoming my favorite 10 minutes of the day.

I journaled about what and how I was actually feeling. As a writer, I’m hesitant to even confess this, but my journal has always been a sanitized version of my thoughts and feelings. It’s been more of diary, a recap of the day or a planning tool. I have never used it as a way to process my emotions in a healthy and positive way. Well, that changed this month. I made myself right my truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and I have written and cried through so many pages. It is hard and I have to constantly ask myself as I am writing is “is this how I really feel?” because it’s so easy to run from the feelings and discuss the to do’s of the day. But it’s very cathartic and I am resolved to do it from now on.

I took a month-long break from Instagram. Instagram is my fav social media platform and for the first week, I missed it terribly. But by the end of week two, I realized how much time it’s been taking up.  I have used the last couple of weeks to consider the value that Instagram brings to my life and ways to make sure that I am getting the positives (interaction and connection) without so much of the negative (mindless scrolling).

And finally, the thing I am most proud of this month: I am determined to create memories for the Buddy Man (see my snow-day post here) so we surprised him and told him that we were going to do something that he had never done before. We took him strawberry picking. I have only been once before in my life and while the strawberries weren’t as sweet as I would have liked, the Buddy loved it and wants to do more things that he’s never done before. Ideas welcomed, ya’ll.

So what about you? What’s been keeping you sane in April? Tell us in the comments below and/or link to your own recap posts. We will do this again on Friday, June 4.

…enjoy life.

what I’m into – keeping me sane {March 2021}

This month has been very busy for me and I have gotten through it by intentionally taking time to rest and reset. That’s what’s been keeping me sane.

So that’s it for today’s post. I’m resting. LOL

Thank you for being here. Tell me what you’ve been into this past month in the comments or by linking your own roundups below.

We will do this again next month, Monday, May 3.

enjoy life…

what i’m into – keeping me sane {October 2020}

what i'm into - keeping me sane {october 2020}

October is a weird month for me emotionally.  In Alabama, it’s doing the “is it summer; is it fall” thing but there are days that are very winter-esque which doesn’t bode well for my psyche. But I am reimplementing last year’s plan with a caveat: to hibernate as much as possible this winter, which with COVID will be pretty easy for me.  But instead of just hibernating, I am attempting to lean into the weirdness of this time of year and embracing what is coming.

At the beginning of the month, I was feeling very overwhelmed and unorganized with work, educating at home, my writing, etc. So I watched a few videos on YouTube about productivity which sent me down a rabbit hole of productivity gurus, books to read, etc. Did you know that there are ways to get more done and organize your task list, email, etc. and that these ways are systematic?

The first step is to take all of your to do’s (all of them) out of your head and onto a Task Management system, which could be an app or a bullet journal.  I had a bullet journal in 2019 but stopped using it for some reason; I can’t tell you why.  Well, I have brought back the bullet journal and have really harnessed the power of Apple Reminders and that’s been a great change for me.  Right now, I’m am trying to decide if I should have one Task Management System for everything or split my tasks and systems by my life areas: work, daily life, writing, etc.  If anyone has any ideas, pop ‘em in the comments below. After I figure that out, the next step is selecting a calendar to use and I have the same question: one main one or different ones for different life areas?

Since I was feeling very much overwhelmed I decided to declare Fall Break for the Buddy Man.  I had initially thought that we didn’t need one, but he was trying hard not to throw temper tantrums at the idea of having school AGAIN the last few days and I was throwing my own temper tantrums in the bathroom where he couldn’t see me.  So as teacher, principal, and the Board of this particular school, I declared a week of Fall Break.  I also took a day off work.  And I do mean a complete day; I didn’t check email, Slack, etc., I turned off notifications and I read books.  It was awesome.

Speaking of books, my selections this month have reflected my intentionality this season to lean into the strangeness but I will talk about that in my Quick Lit post in a couple of weeks.

I also ran my first virtual race this year, the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run. I beat my anticipated time by almost 5 minutes! I couldn’t believe it!

I voted early!

That’s a good summation of what I have been up to.  Let me know what’s been keeping you sane in the comments and if you have a post on your blog, summing up your month, feel free to link to it below.  We will do it again next month,  Wednesday, December 2.

enjoy life…