what i’m into – keeping me sane {october 2019}


I don’t know if I can do this post justice. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, with good and wonderful things, but overwhelmed, none-the-less. And as I sit to write this, the Buddy Man has a fever and as a mom, I can’t help but be a bit concerned about him.

October was full!  I went to Winston-Salem and saw two of my favorite writers together in the same place: Anne Bogel and Charlie Lovett.  It was a wonderful experience.  But to make it happen, I drove, alone, almost 1600 miles in less than a week.  The solitude was a balm to my soul but as the Buddy told me one time, “my booty hurt(s)” and I am not interested in another road trip for a long time.

I did manage to keep my exercise streak going and tonight, it sits at 159. That makes me so happy.

I read the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and promptly decided to take a hiatus from social media.  I want to talk about that more in another post but my experience has been surprising.

In addition, I have been doing Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way program and Week 4 was reading deprivation week. Yeah! It was almost as bad as it sounds but I got it done.  I felt a little antsy all week and figured out later that it was because I couldn’t read.  Reading is such a huge part of my life that not doing was noticeably different.  Instead, I cleaned out the Buddy’s closet, transitioned both of our closets to fall (which has finally decided to show up), weeded and trimmed the beds in anticipation of cooler weather, potted some plants that I had rooted, and bought new eyeglasses. Maybe, I should take a break from reading more often? I am glad that I can read again though.

I hosted my first ever #EnjoyLife Meet-Up also.  Two people showed up! I was so surprised!

An uncle passed away so there’s that.

While the Holidays aren’t generally a time where things slow down for people, they do for me.  I am looking forward to it.  After I am in-conversation with Anne Bogel on November 7th, that is. I am so excited and so terrified. Interested in coming? Get tickets here.

What has ya’ll October been like?

Let me know, or post a link to your overview, in the comments. We do this every month and frankly, that is the only reason I am writing this post  at 9 PM. LOL. We will do it again on Monday, December 2.

enjoy life…

10 thoughts on “what i’m into – keeping me sane {october 2019}

  1. Lisa notes... says:

    I looked into the Anne Bogel visit to Huntsville but it’s not at a time I can make. I thought you would probably go since you have met her and did a podcast with her! I know it will be fantastic. I look forward to hearing about it!

    I still haven’t done my monthly round-up. We had a new granddaughter on October 15 and I’ve been out of town helping with her! Such fun, but doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. 🙂 I’m going to try to get my post up maybe by Wednesday of this week.

  2. Susan in TX says:

    Love this glimpse into your world! I, too, am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but with some not-so-wonderful things. Suffice it to say, parenting young adults is tough (who am I kidding? parenting any age is tough!). I’m keeping on, though. One foot in front of the other! The rest of my October was pretty awesome. My reading always takes a hit when stressful things are going on, but it’s still there…just less of it. I can’t imagine taking a complete break from it for a week on purpose, but I’m assuming there was purpose in it (I haven’t read the Artist’s Way, though I’ve heard much about it). Reading is how I relax. Would love to hear more on the benefits of your break from reading – but only at your leisure! No pressure! Or, you can just tell me to read the book. 😉
    Hope all goes well at the event with Anne this week – it sounds so fun! Happy November to you!

    • shannanenjoyslife says:

      Thank you! I hope the not-so-wonderful things improve soon for you. Yes, parenting is hard. And since Reading is relaxing perhaps a break from it is not something you should do. I did it because I want to create and Julia recommends taking a break from consuming in order to work on creating. I will probably wind up talking about it later. Thank you for being here.

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