quick lit – next page, please {august 2018}

I feel like my reading life has been weird this month.  I have felt the urge to plan my reading for the rest of the year: looking at the three books that I need to finish the Modern Mrs. Darcy’s (MMD) 2018 Reading Challenge, meeting my goal of reading 38 books this year, and reading … Continue reading quick lit – next page, please {august 2018}

now i get it {summer 2018}

Emily P. Freeman’s quarterly habit of recording what she learns during the season is something that I strongly recommend every one, especially one who is seeking to lead a life well-lived, should do. Writing my lessons down (you can record it in some other way) cements them into my consciousness and sharing it with you … Continue reading now i get it {summer 2018}

what i’m into – keeping me sane {august 2018}

We say that we want more time.  What we really want is more memories.  – Lila Davachi I was concerned about running myself ragged this month due to our trip to Miami – don’t you always need a vacay after your vacation?  But I am very proud to say that based upon a revelation from … Continue reading what i’m into – keeping me sane {august 2018}