what i’m into – keeping me sane {march 2020}

Oh my goodness! What a month!  This month seems have lasted a year!  And I thought that February was a doozy! Ironically, at the end of February, I was hoping for space and time to open up for me and that the weather would be warmer.  It did and it was.

Here’s five things that I have been doing (and should have been doing more of) this month to keep me sane:

  1. Running. I got sick, not coronavirus, one week this month and couldn’t run.  And I felt it, mentally, physically, emotionally, everything. Near the end of the month, I was able to start running again and my sanity seemed to come back.
  2. Media Breaks. I have had to stay off of news outlets and social media. At first, I was going down the rabbit hole in the name of staying informed.  But what it was actually doing was causing panic attacks. Seriously. Three of them. Now, I check the news with the intention of finding out what I need to know for the day and then, I do my best, not to check it again.  I even hid my internet app – it takes me four swipes to get to it. Before, it was on my home screen.
  3. Jigsaw Puzzles. The Buddy Man is a very good puzzle worker for five-years-old and we have been working a few together. My mommy and sister are excellent puzzle workers and I was not as good as they were. Besides, I had my books but Christmas last year, I bought a 500 piece puzzle and enjoyed it.  So this year, I have worked a few more and liked them very much. I think I might be a puzzle worker. There’s something very soothing about it.
  4. Showing Myself Grace. The first two(ish) weeks of social distancing were difficult – see aforementioned panic attacks.  Then I read an article on NPR.org about how COVID-19 has upended our world and that it’s OK to grieve.  And I realized that I hadn’t fully processed my emotions about what was happening.  This allowed me to give myself grace, recognizing that things were different and I have never experienced anything like this before. It’s OK to feel a bit lost and confused.
  5. Family Time. I am so very grateful for the time and space that has opened up in our lives. Both Hubby and I are blessed to still be working but due to social distancing, my Hubby has been home more throughout the day.  We have played games, gone on walks, ate more meals together, and generally spent more time together and with the Buddy Man. I don’t know if I would trade that for the world.

BONUS: I Love Lucy Show. I have been watching old episodes on Hulu.  They are a huge source of comic relief.  And the Coronovirus memes on social media have been so fun.

What kept you sane this month? Tell me below and if you have a monthly recap post, please link it there too.  We do this every month and we will do it again on Friday, May 1st. I pray that, by then, we will be returning to some normalcy, while keeping the things that matter.

enjoy life…

10 thoughts on “what i’m into – keeping me sane {march 2020}

  1. Domonique says:

    We have also had more intentional family time. That has definitely been the best thing that has come from this pandemic!

  2. Barbara Harper says:

    I like to listen to the radio news, because it’s short and just hits the highlights. My husband likes to listen to the daily news briefings that have started up since this virus hit.

    I so agree about recognizing the need to grieve. It looks like we’re going to miss Easter with the family and my grandson’s birthday, plus my oldest son had to cancel his April visit here. Besides that, I’ve had just a general unsettled feeling. I like to know what’s on the agenda and have a plan. But now we have to take things day by day and be ready to adjust accordingly. I tell myself it could be worse, and hopefully it will all be over…hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Laughter helps a lot! We like watching AFV.

    My end-of-March post is here: https://barbaraleeharper.com/2020/03/31/end-of-march-reflections/.

  3. Lisa notes... says:

    I’m having to self-limit my media, too. I may try an every-other-day plan. I’ve found that I feel more comforted when I watch our local news versus the national news. So I’m tuning in some to the noon daily briefings.

    I love puzzles and finally decided to buy a new one last week. Our Walmart in Madison only had two left. I guess everyone is into puzzles right now. 🙂 Stay home and stay safe, friend!

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