happy thanksgiving

 It is time for my annual list of very present things that I am grateful for this year.  This year, I tried to make gratefulness more of a weekly practice than a yearly exercise I have  compiled a lengthy list. Here are a few of the highlights.

  1. My Family. The Hubs, the Buddy Man, the Mother-in-Law, the parents, the sister and her family, the grandparents, all of the fam.
  2. My Friends. You know who you are.
  3. Anne Bogel. Being on the What Should I Read Next podcast and then ultimately becoming a part of her team are two dreams I didn’t dare to dream.
  4. My Home. After KonMari(ng) my home, I am grateful for and love it more than ever.
  5. The Modern Mrs. Darcy Inaugural Book Club Retreat. It’s awesome meeting people who have the same passions as I do.
  6. Lady Smith and Snail on the Wall books. Partnering with her has fulfilled so many dreams this year.
  7. Travel to places including Daytona Beach, FL for a personal writing retreat and my family’s first every vacay at the beach. Another dream come true.
  8. Books, books, and more books. Always books.
  9. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing things with fear. Wonderful things happened this year.
  10. And as for the not-so-wonderful things, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

And as always, I leave you with my favorite quote for this time of year.

Given the amount of unjust suffering and unhappiness in the world, I am deeply grateful for, sometimes even perplexed by, how much misery I have been spared.” -Dennis Prager

Happy Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving

  1. Susan in TX says:

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I, too, am grateful for you and all of the MMD Retreat women. Truly, we have had a blessed year this year. Kudos to you for #9! Doing things with fear can be so life-changing. I always need reminders to keep it up! 🙂

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