friday’s “secret” – “a negative mind”

Quote - A negative mind

You know how there are times when you read something and it hits you like a ton of bricks. Even if it is something that you have “known” all along. Well today’s “secret” was like that for me.

“A negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life.”

NEVER!  It will NOT happen! It CAN’T happen!

So if you’re doing “everything” to be happy but you are harboring negativity (about work, people, things, etc); guess what? Not going to be happy!  So, change your mind and change your life! I’m doing it.

enjoy life…

2 thoughts on “friday’s “secret” – “a negative mind”

  1. Mamie Farmer says:

    I really like this one!  It is great.    This one has hit me like a “ton of bricks.”    Proud of you! 

    Mamie E. Farmer


    • shannanenjoyslife says:

      Thanks! This thought has helped change my entire thinking and now I try, sometimes very unsuccessfully, to keep my mind on positive things! Thanks for reading and thanks so much for sharing.

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