12-12-12 and carpe diem: bimmer’s [BEAM-er] perspective

BimmerMy human Mommy said that it was 12-12-12 today.  She was talking to my human Daddy  and they said something about “seizing the day”  and “that this will never happen again in our lifetime.”  I haven’t the foggiest idea what they mean by that but I do know that I ALWAYS seize the day or whatever part of the day that they will let me.

I wake up refreshed and alert every morning.  Which is more than I can say for them.  Sometimes, they act like they want to stay on top of that gigantic plush pillow that they call a bed.  They let me up on there once; it was awesome! But I’m getting distracted (that happens a lot)! I wake up EVERY morning, excited, eager, and ready for anything (OK, maybe not ANYTHING but almost).

Today, it took them awhile to get going.  Mommy took f-o-r-e-v-e-r tying her shoes; why does it take that long? I couldn’t be still!  I was too excited.  Finally she was bundled up in that huge jacket; it’s way too big for her but I don’t think she knows it. And out the door we went.  I hurtled down the stairs and to my favorite spot, for now.  I like to keep things interesting and switch it up every so often to keep myself from getting bored, much to their chagrin.  I peed and then we started on a walk!

It was a deliciously long walk too!  Maybe there was something to that conversation of “seizing the day!”  I had to “heel/stay with me” (I wish she would make up her mind what command she wants to use; it is really confusing sometimes) until we got to another of my favorite spots where she let me poop.  She took out one of those many plastic bags that she carries around and picked it up; why she does that I will never know but she is very diligent about it. Then off we went again.

The air was so fresh and crisp!  She acted like she couldn’t smell a thing; but me? Oh! There was so much: in the air, on the ground, over here and over there!  I do not know why those humans don’t get excited about these things?  The birds, oh, the birds were everywhere!  I tried to chase them but they would fly just out of my reach and then come back and we would go it again. I think they were taunting me a little. I soon became distracted with the branches that were strewed across the ground.  I tried to pick one up but it was too big so I set it down.

We kept walking; Mommy let me take the lead.  It was great!  I kept pulling us to see more! More! More!  We had to go to the calling post (the “fire hydrant” for those of you who don’t know) of all the dogs in the neighborhood.  I had to let them I know I was there that morning.  Didn’t have much pee to let out but they will know I was there.  The human acted like she was wanting to go home but I put my own leash in my mouth and tugged.  She acquiesced (I know, big word; heard it on the big black square thing that pictures, voices, and sounds come out of that the humans like to stare at; frankly, I do not mind looking at it myself sometime but I digress AGAIN.  It happens!) . We went a little further.  There was delicious dirt; I got a taste before she stopped me. She always does that. We started heading back for home. So much for “seizing the day”.

I wish she would learn that you got to enjoy what you can, when you can!  It is a big, wide, wonderful world out there and there is so much to do, see, explore.  You got to wake up, ready to go and see as much of it as you can.  Do as much as you can do.  These smells will not be around again (OK, maybe they will but not like THIS time).  We came in and I had breakfast. I LIKE breakfast!  What shall I do now? Oh! I have toys my Grandmommy bought me.  Time to tear one up!  I wonder what the humans will tear up, today?

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