friday’s “secret” – your body will let you know

Today’s “secret” is this:  when you are not happy, your body will let you know. I didn’t get this from a book, an article, another blog post; although I am sure that there is something out there on this topic.  I got this from personal experience and the experiences of people around me.  When you are not happy, your body will let you know.

Actually your body will let you know a lot of things.  Our feelings and emotions are the tell-tell signs of what is going on with us.  And if we ignore these feelings and emotions and do not do anything productive about them, our bodies will react.

I have been particularly stressed for the past few weeks. Of course, I thought I was handling it – exercising, etc.  But no, my neck and upper back have a knot the size of a small plum.  There is nothing that I know that I can do about this right now.  But my body is telling me something is not right.

Of course, another way our bodies let us know something is not right is its response to our less than productive reactions to our emotions.  So, I’m stressed; bring me that quart of chocolate ice cream. I had a bad day at work; I need a drink. And that one drink becomes a lot and the next thing I know I do not remember the previous night.  Do that often enough and I begin to put on some lbs. or worse yet, get a few preventable diseases like Type 2 diabetes; the body again is letting me know something is not right.  “You are not happy,” it tells me.

Of course, once I have heard my body, the trick is to fix the problem.  That’s for another blog post.

enjoy life…

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