what i’m into – that’s keeping me sane {june 2018}

Knowing that I post what I’m into each month keeps me focused on things that keep me sane. Thank you. Here are the highlights for June.

I have continued to read instead of mindlessly watching television.  I read seven books this month (more about them and others on this month’s Quick Lit post coming soon).

Even with all that reading, I did finish out my DVR’d episodes of This is Us. Wow! All of the feels on this!

Speaking of feels, I am finally getting around to a personal commandment that I made a year or two ago: Feel It!  I discussed this in a past post but I have been feeling a lot of feels this month. There were a couple of books that were very emotionally driven – I’m looking at you: The Ensemble; The Immortalist; and That Kind of Mother – but I sat in it and through it.

I enjoyed some excellent moments with the Buddy Man: cuddling while reading, going on playdates with Dom and Deucee, eating popsicles, and bursting water balloons.

Finally, I intentionally recharged after late nights before moving forward in my day.  One time, that involved reading in the cool of the shade by a beautiful lake before my next appointment. It was perfectly lovely.

And isn’t it those lovely, albeit simple, intentional moments that keep us all sane.

Per usual, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into.  Whatcha’ been doin’ this month?

enjoy life…

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