friday’s “secret”: “make someone else happy”

One of my favorite authors, Gretchen Rubin has the following quote:


Make Yourself Happy

One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy.

I have shared Jennifer Belthoff’s The Love Notes Project here. What’s so great is that it was an experience that keeps on giving. On The Love Notes Facebook page, a fellow member posted about the Chemo Angels Program.

This simple but truly wonderful program supports individuals battling breast cancer matching applicants together based upon age, gender, interests, etc. You then send your assigned fighter cards, letters, and small tokens of positivity, support, and encouragement through good old-fashioned snail mail. The goals of the project are to show individuals battling this terrible disease that they are not alone and maybe help fuel a positive attitude to aid their recovery.

There are two kinds of angels: (1) Card Angel and (2) Chemo Angel, which is a little more involved than a Card Angel. To be a Card Angel, all that is required is that you send one card or letter once a week – 49 cents per week = $27.44 a year. Once you have accepted your assignment, you commit to sending something every week. It is worth noting here that Chemo Angels and Card Angels is a very serious commitment. Someone is counting on your notes!

I applied last month for a number of reasons:

  1. Making someone else happy would help make me happy!
  2. If I were ever diagnosed with breast cancer, I would love to receive notes of encouragement. “Do unto others…”
  3. By writing someone who is in a more challenging situation than myself on a weekly basis, I will be more grateful about my own life and my own circumstances. I received my assignment two weeks ago: a young woman, my own age with three young boys! Mission accomplished!

If you are able to spare the time, please take a look at this program and if you feel so inclined, please sign up. It’s such a little thing to do that could have a HUGE impact in the life of someone else. The website is: and link directly to an application here.

enjoy life…

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