friday’s “secret”: again, don’t wait to pursue your interest – what i did

Picture. Mailbox

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to write and receive letters. I would rush to the mailbox every day, looking for mail from my friends.

A few months ago, my friend, Jessica, posted a pic on Facebook of a collection of letters she had stumbled across that I had sent her over 8 years or so. It got me to thinking about the joy of letter writing again – not texting, emailing, etc. but good old-fashioned letter writing. I missed it.

That thought idled in the back of my mind until a Facebook friend posted about the Love Notes Postcard Project: A simple and fun project to spread a little “goodness and joy” throughout the world. I only needed a few things: three postcards, three stamps, and an open heart. I immediately signed up.

I was paired with another participant. Each Sunday, for three weeks, a writing prompt would be sent to my email inbox. I would have to respond to the prompt on a postcard and then drop it in the mail before the next Friday. And then I await a postcard from my matched participant.

This week is our first week. The writing prompt was “Smile Because” and I had so much fun composing my note. Some of it rhymed!!!

If never ceases to amaze me how the little things, like pursuing my letter writing interest, can bring such happiness and enjoyment to my existence!

You can check out The Love Notes Postcard Project and other blogger participants here and catch up with the creator, Jennifer Belhoff here.

enjoy life…

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