friday’s “secret”: don’t wait to pursue your interests

“Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.” – Pearl S. Buck

This summer I watched, “Life Itself,” a documentary about the life of Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize winning film critic, based upon his memoir of the same name. Mr. Ebert passed away in 2013.

When I was in college, I fell more in love with movies and remember seeing Ebert and Roeper movie reviews in passing. I also remember being vaguely aware that his reviews were printed and able to be read online.

But for some reason, I didn’t read them. I never watched Ebert and Roeper with any consistency. At the most, when a movie came out, I looked to see how many stars the two critics had given it. But I didn’t engage; I didn’t read; I didn’t make it a priority; I didn’t pursue.

After watching the documentary, I became painfully aware that it will be one of those teeny tiny regrets of my life. And why? Was I afraid? And if so, afraid of what? Of wasting my time? I really don’t know what I was doing back then that would have been endangered by half hour a week, reading movie reviews by Roger Ebert, even if I never intended on seeing the movie, EVER! But I would have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight into something of which I had an interest.

Of course, Mr. Ebert is now deceased. I do not have the opportunity to read a column every week as he has written it. I have lost that opportunity. And I will never get it back.

Thus, Friday’s secret is this: in order to enjoy life, we should not wait to pursue our interests. Does a particular subject interest you? Read about it now. Do you like to draw? Get a pad and a pencil. Make time for the things that interest you. You will be a more interesting person to your friends and family and, I dare say, maybe a little bit happier.

enjoy life…

what do you think?

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