“don’t waste your days…”

So, one thing that makes me happy is Pinterest! I LOVE Pinterest!!!! For those who don’t know, Pinterest is like a digital corkboard, where you can “pin” photos, quotes, cartoons, almost anything. I “pin” a lot. A LOT! Sometimes, I forget what I have pinned and when I see it again, I will repin it. I did that with the quote above.

I pinned it twice, on the same board, and two different days. Why? Because it is something that I have done for years! When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teenager. When I was thirteen, I wanted to be sixteen! When I was single, I couldn’t wait to be married! And I have now realized that I have wasted a lot of my life, wishing, hoping, praying for the next thing, thinking that that will be better than what I am experiencing at that time.

And it is just not true. It is true that every experience has brought a new joy, however, for me, this is a chronic problem that has robbed me of so many joys and experiences. And it is very sad when I think of all the things that I have missed experiencing to the fullest measure.

So, I am trying not to do that anymore (as much). And it might be something that I will always struggle with, but I am going to make a conscience decision each day (that I can remember) to “enjoy the now.” How are you going to “enjoy the now”?  Leave a comment below. After all, it is the only time that any of us are guaranteed.

enjoy life…

Oh! You can check out my Pinterest boards (I have several different “boards” on a variety of subjects) by clicking here.

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