what i’m into – keeping me sane {january 2021}

Once a month, I like to do these reviews of the previous month about what I’ve been into and what has been helping me stay sane amidst this crazy world.  Guys, if I miss a month, it is probably safe to say that I am struggling, but I am hoping to work on the ability to write (and share) my honest thoughts here, even when I am struggling.

So let’s get into my January.

I was shocked, but not surprised, at the events of January 6th.  And I experienced a number of emotions: doubt, disbelief, rage (was I experiencing the seven stages of grief here?). I think 2020 has been a year of uncertainty (things happening that I have never experienced before) and I tend to like things to be steady, familiar, calm. I knew nothing would magically change from the 31st of December to the 1st of January and, of course, that was the case. 

My main wish is that 2021 is kinder to all of us than 2020 but if that is not possible, than that I will be kinder to myself in 2021. I have been focused on that.

  • Last month, Apple released Fitness+. They carefully selected trainers and coaches who are specifically encouraging – they want you to use the app after all.  They have running, strength training, HIIT, rowing, core specific, and yoga workouts.  I have always wanted to start a consistent yoga practice, and I have been able to do that this month, thanks to the ease of Fitness+.
  • I’m so happy that we are getting new movies and shows again. The problem is that they are releasing fast and furiously and I am not able to keep up.  Fortunately, Donna from I am Your Rabbit does that for me.  Thanks to her, the Hubby and I have had several delightful movie nights (they kind of fell off in 2020) and I am loving it.  I especially enjoyed Lupin on Netflix.
  • My work as a team member at Modern Mrs. Darcy brings me so much joy! I love working in the realm of books and reading (one of my three earliest childhood joys) and it’s a privilege to work with people I admire and care about.  The team was featured on a What Should I Read Next podcast episode this month (You can listen here; I get started around the 9:17 mark). 

Adding an aside here: I think I like being on podcasts. LOL

  • Speaking of books and reading, I have finished 10 books in January.  To be fair, I started some of them in 2020 but I count them as read the day I finish them and so that brings the number to 10 this month.  I have been able to read more because I have been able to curb, in a small way, my proclivity to binge movies and shows that I hardly care about. Yay! 
  • And finally, January was my birthday month! I’m still here! And I want to fully be here, present, alive, experiencing all the joys and the pains, confidently moving through the world in a way that is authentic and valuable to me.  

For this is always light, if only we are brave enough to see it, if only we brave enough to be it.

The Hill We Climb, Inaugural Poem by Amanda Gorman

Wasn’t that poem an inspiration?

What’s keeping you sane, right now? Please share below in the comments and if you have a post about it, link it here too.  I plan to do this again on Monday, March 1st

…enjoy life.

I’m linking this post to Anne’s annual What’s Saving My Life right now.  I struggle through the Winter and this has to be one of my favorite posts that she writes where other people share their lists of things are helping them right now.  If you are struggling, head on over there to see if any of their suggestions will help you too. 

16 thoughts on “what i’m into – keeping me sane {january 2021}

  1. Jamie says:

    Love your list! I, too, tend to binge watch shows I have minimal interest in. So I like the idea of turning that into reading time. Thank you for sharing.

  2. lsowul says:

    Hi Shannan, I clicked through from MMD and am enjoying your blog. Great point about Amanda Gorman– I think she’s saving all of us right now. I’m looking forward to listening to the team interview on WSIRN– I’m a longtime listener but fell off a bit in the last few months. Thank you for sharing this list!

  3. Lis M says:

    Hope you had a happy birthday!!

    I really like the idea of doing this monthly as having done it for one month was really a day brightener, because as you said, even if 2021 isn’t a kinder year (truly the calendar change isn’t magic) then we can be kinder to ourselves.

    My list includes slippers, going to bed early, workout plans, hand warming mugs, and leaving up the holiday lights.

    Here is it if you’d like to check it out – this was such a fun process to really sit down and think about the list and see what everyone else has come up with that linked to Modern Mrs Darcy!


  4. Margaret says:

    January was just not pretty, was it? Didn’t play fair at all! Good words here on self care. I have great pleasure in simple exercises and washing my face twice a day. It is so much fun seeing our Huntsville face on WSIRN! Keep up the good work.

  5. TheBargainBabe says:

    Yeah January 6th and some of the subsequent days were rough. 2020 was rough. 2016-2020 was largely a crap show as well. Whoo! It’s very healthy that your list includes fitness. Mine, notably, does not. lol!

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