what i’m into – keeping me sane {august 2019}


I’m preparing this post on Sunday, September 1st! And I can’t believe that it’s September already. A lot has happened in my life last month, most of which I discussed in Now I Get It {Summer 2019} so head over there to see what’s been going on. Yes, I do feel a bit overwhelmed.  September is going to be chocked full of events and things to do leading up to those events and my tendency is to get so wrapped up and focused on the things that I have to get done that once that crunch time is over, I ALWAYS collapse and get sick from exhaustion (mental, physical, and emotional).  I hope that doesn’t happen this September and to that end, I have been working on those things that have been proven to relieve my stress.

Nurturing My Inner Artist

I commented last month, that I have begun to explore my inner artist. As a writer and in my new role as an Event Manager, I spend a lot of time inside my head.  OK, OK. I am always inside my head regardless of my work. Drawing and watercoloring have been serving as a release from mental overdrive and I have found it to be very relaxing.

And so I spent Labor Day Weekend working on a couple of versions of our house in watercolor.  I was inspired by this YouTube video by Shayda Campbell. I really enjoyed this process and painting houses so I hope to do a lot more.  If you’d like me to give your house a whirl (Obviously, I need all the practice I can get) reach out and let me know.

I also have fallen down the rabbit hole of looking at other artists on YouTube and I am really enjoying Minnie Small’s videos about the creative process.  I want to figure out a way to combine my inner writer and my inner artist together in some way.  I don’t know what that would look like but it’s an intriguing and exciting possibility.  I am thinking of snazzing up my Bullet Journal a bit more, as a creative outlet. Since, I have been using it, it has been a completely utilitarian, which has been great. It’s let me get use to the format and figure out my favorite layouts and spreads but I’m feeling the urge to do a bit more.  We will see.

Nurturing My Inner Athlete

The day this post will be the 100th consecutive day of my #shannanmoves streak.  This involved either a one-mile run or a 30-minute walk.  I am mixing it up in September and preparing for the annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run for breast cancer in October. I don’t know if I will run the race because I am planning a trip on that weekend but I had said that I wanted to follow the Nike Training plan to get ready for the race and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t do it.  There are rest days in the plan but I believe I can still do a walk of some time to keep the streak alive.  However, for the next 6 weeks or so, it’s not about the streak. It’s about following the training plan and giving it everything I have. If I need a rest day then I shall take one.  It makes me sad that the streak may be broken but it is important for me to learn to listen to my body and give it what it needs. This includes all areas of my life, not just exercise.

What have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments and If you have a monthly recap post letting us know what you’re into, please share it in the comments below and let your community know that you are doing so.  We do this every month, next on Tuesday, October 1.

enjoy life…

5 thoughts on “what i’m into – keeping me sane {august 2019}

  1. Lisa notes... says:

    Hope you get in lots of self-care this month to balance all your activities. I relate to getting sick AFTER major times of stress (and even good stress is still stress!).

    Our family will be skipping the Liz Hurley run this year since my daughter is due with #2 on October 15! Maybe next year we can catch it again. Good for you in following a training plan, yet being willing to forego your streak when necessary for your overall health. Smart!

    My monthly round-up is here:


  2. Barbara Harper says:

    Did you do the house in your pic? It’s a cute house and well-done! Yay for exercising so many days in a row. We got an exercise bike earlier in the year that I have been using most days except Sundays and when I have to be somewhere in the mornings. It hasn’t done much for weight, but I feel better and have more energy when I do it.

    I read your Now I Get It post. I’ve experienced good things on the other side of fear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me want to face fearful things any more. 🙂 But I know God will give grace through it.

    My end-of-August post is here: https://barbarah.wordpress.com/2019/08/29/end-of-august-musings/

    • shannanenjoyslife says:

      Yes, He will. I, I also, haven’t seen much weight loss (probably still eating too much) but like you, I do feel better and ahve more energy so I count that as a win. Thank you for being here and posting.

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