book review: indestructible

As someone who has been reading and, now writing, about books and reading I have often wondered how I could be one of the fortunate few who received books in advance of publication or ARCs (advanced readers copy). Turns out, “ye have not because ye ask not” and I am honored to be on the Launch Team of Allyson Fallon’s new book, Indestructible.

Indestructible tells Ally’s true story of a love that didn’t go as she had hoped and her journey through it and out of it to become a woman who keeps her heart open, in spite of the heartbreak. It is a cautionary tale of being with the wrong person, as well as, encouragement to disentangle from a toxic situation, to move forward, and be confident in who you are in the world.

When I started the book, I thought that I would be reading a how-to guide. It reads more as a personal account of her journey. And although I struggled with the timeline of the story, I would not hesitate to hand this book to anyone who is about to embark into a committed relationship or who wants to find the courage to listen to the voice of their inner soul.

Indestructible reminded me of Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle in that it is raw. It is emotional.  It is honest. It is thought-provoking.

Ally believes that the regular practice of writing can change your life.  I was fortunate to attend one of her workshops a few years ago. That event encouraged me to begin writing again. And I can only hope to write with such a depth of feeling and to boldly share my truth with the same bravery that Ally has in Indestructible.

til tomorrow, enjoy life

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