friday’s “secret”: planned, designed, or allowed

“Everything is planned, designed, or allowed”

– Huberto M. Rasi

I must say that I kind of took offense to this statement when I first read it.  I doubted its validity. But the truth is that in more cases than not, everything that happens to us, is planned, designed, or allowed, by us or by someone else.  We tend to play the blame game. It’s easier.  Nothing is our fault and I was a master at this game for a long time and sometimes, I still manage to hold my own on occasion.

But my Hubby, God love him, pointed out that the common denominator in all my scenarios and affronts was me!  My issues involved many different types of people, many different actions, but I was the common thread.  Yes, it was sobering to realize that I had more control over my life then I once realized.  It was scary to understand that I had the power to change things in my life and the things that happened to me (IE no time to read because I spent way too much time brainlessly watching television or playing Candy Crush) is because I made the decision by allowing it to happen and not actively planning or designing something different.

The more I go through this life, the more I feel strongly that the “secret” to a happy life is the intentional choice.  Because, believe it or not, “everything is planned, designed, or allowed.”

til tomorrow, enjoy life

I can’t believe that I have been posting for 26 days straight for the October Challenge #write31days.  I’ve been discussing my love of books and reading. Catch up on the rest of the series.

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