quick lit – next page, please {may 2018}

Quick Lit {May 2018}It’s been forever since I have done a Quick Lit post so I am going to discuss the books that I have read since January, how I am doing with the Modern Mrs. Darcy’s (MMD) 2018 Reading Challenge, and what is currently on my night stand.


  • Origin by Dan Brown. I enjoy all of Dan Brown’s novels and looked forward to this one with great anticipation. I had to wait forever for it to become available at my local library but I finally got my hands on it and ate it up. I wish I had all the knowledge that Robert Langdon has in his brain about semiology.  I don’t want to know about signs and symbols but it would be really cool to be a recognized expert on something. I would love to meet that guy one day. And yes, I know he’s fiction. MMD Category: A book by a favorite author
  • Sing Unburied Sing by Jessmyn Ward. I read this one for the Rocket City Mom Book Club and wrote a full review. Liked the message of the work; not necessarily the story.  Ultimately, this book encouraged me to continue to write and share my stories. MMD Category: A book recommended by someone with great taste. Thanks, Stephenie!
  • George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones. I love a good biography and this one, albeit unauthorized, is right up there. I love reading about how movies are made behind the scenes and how creatives create.  Plus, I like Star Wars! Win-Win. MMD Category: A memoir, biography, or book of creative non-fiction
  • Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott: I have a confession to make. I use to strongly dislike the work of Anne Lamott, outside of her classic Bird by Bird.  My friend loved her and got me to read another one of her works for a book club that we had together. However, I saw this one at my local library’s annual book sale and picked it up for 50 cents.  I adored loved title and enjoyed the book, as well.  Anne writes authentically and honestly – two qualities I adore in writers and in people. MMD Category: A book of poetry, a play, or an essay collection
  • How I Write: The Secret Lives of Authors by Philip Oltermann. This is a gorgeous coffee table compilation of popular British authors answer to the question: what do you need to write. Answers ranged from caffeine to one specific chair.  I’m tempted to add this book to my personal library. No MMD Category
  • Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. I’ve got a confession to make, I avoided reading this book for over a long time. It was very arrogant and stupid of me; I thoughts, what could a woman who couldn’t ultimately save her marriage have to tell me about trying to save her marriage? Boy was I wrong! This book isn’t just about marriage; it speaks to anyone who wants to live a more authentic life. I adored this book. No MMD Category and I don’t care.
  • The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. Another one for the Rocket City Mom Book Club so full review on this one. Ultimately, to me it was OK. One of the main characters suffers from postpartum depression and I admired Lapena tackling that in a novel. No MMD Category

Currently Reading

  • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Ever since I studied Homer’s Illiad, I have been fascinated with the story. Madeline approaches it from a different angle, a perspective I never thought of before.  I am soaking this one up and made the mistake of thinking that I would read one more chapter before bed at 9:30 PM.  Didn’t put it down until 11:30 PM; always the mark of an excellent back for me.
  • When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chödrön. In Love Warrior, Glennon discusses a passage of this book and its impact on her life. It made me curious and I decided to pick it up.  Besides it fulfills the MMD Category: A book by an author of a different race, ethnicity, or religion than your own.
  • Art of the Memoir by Mary Karr. Taking this one very very slowly. I don’t think I am ready for this.

What have you been reading?

enjoy life…

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