what i’m into – that’s keeping me sane {january 2016}


After the busyness of my December, and a wonderful vacation with my family the first week of January, my body succumbed to a flu-like virus and had me down and out for the second week of January. I spent the third week of January getting my bearings back. Happily, I still managed to do a few things this month that helped keep me sane.

  • I have read four books this month and I am on target for my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year. I reviewed one on January’s edition of Quick Lit. The other three, I will review during next month’s edition. I also completed one category of the Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge. One down, 11 more to go. I am really enjoying my lighter reading fare that I have continued this month. Staying sane.
  • I have started listening to Modern Mrs. Darcy’s new podcast: What Should I Read Next.  There have been four episodes all ready and I have enjoyed each one. My To Be Read list of books has grown considerably. I wonder if I may ever be a guest because I would love to hear her personalized recommendations for what I should read next. One can dream (sigh).
  • I have made some progress on another one of my intentions for 2016: removing things that are not useful, beautiful, or loved. I used the Martin Luther King holiday to clean out my closet and am moving on to my books in the next week. I am excitedly working on my posts to share with you soon.
  • I began training for my half marathon in April. It’s kind of cold for me to be running outside so I have been training on a treadmill. The bad news is that it is harder to run on a treadmill than outside. The good news is that it is harder to run on a treadmill than outside. I will be thrilled when I can take my training outside permanently. Although one time, I got so tired of running on the treadmill, I did take it outside in spite of the cold. But I did complete the miles for the day; very proud! Running again makes me realize that I MUST run regularly in order to stay sane.
  • I participated in the Love Notes Postcard Project {14} this month, the first of four rounds this year. I LOVE this project and had the pleasure of interviewing its creator, Jennifer Belthoff. If you missed it, you can read it here. My partner, Susan, was awesome! I loved her postcards.
  • My birthday was this week. Received the gorgeous flowers, pictured above, from the Hubby created by Ron and Mark of InBloom Floral Design Studios. They are amazing!

Once again, I will be linking up with Leigh Kramer and her What I’m Into Link-Up. You can check out what other folks are into here.

Let me know what you’ve been up to this New Year in the comments. I LOVE comments!

enjoy life…

12 thoughts on “what i’m into – that’s keeping me sane {january 2016}

  1. Joy says:

    My January didn’t go as planned either – sick one week, recovering the next, vacation the next week, recovering this week. Can’t remember my last workout, but February is the new January so here we go!
    & can’t wait for your closet post – I need inspiration for organizing mine 🙂

  2. TaLisa says:

    Wow! You have been busy! Great to see so much good energy in all you are doing!
    PS happy belated birthday for the other day.

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