4 thoughts on “merry christmas and thanks!

  1. Rochelle says:

    Reading your About Me page I found it humorous on two counts – 1. My name and it’s spelling is much more common now than when I grew up. However, as a youngster and so it is with youngsters even today, one doesn’t necessarily want to be so unique until a bit older. It wasn’t until my later teens/20’s when being told repeatedly how beautiful was my name, did I begin to embrace it’s sound and appreciate the name chosen by my dad who I had learned was in love with a French actress of the same name. I now absolutely love and appreciate my name as well. 2. Like your mom, I misspelled my daughter’s name, omitting a letter; thus causing her name to be different and more common than the pronouncement of the name I had desired and wanted for her. I chose and desired Deirdre (pronounced Dear-dra or Deer-dra). What I presented was Deidre which is now Dee-dra. While both names are nice in my opinion, I preferred the sound of the 1st. She, too, is quite a unique individual.

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