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I have been thinking long and hard about what “secret” I could post about today and nothing profound has come into my mind.  Not to say that everything that has graced these digital pages has been profound but I thought some of it was a little interesting.

But, I have been reading a lot, and I mean A LOT, these past two weeks.  I have been exposed to two new authors (one digitally and one I met in person) and so far I have enjoyed what they have written.  Which got me to thinking on two points: (1) I really LOVE to read and (2) why don’t I do it more often?

When I was a child, a tween, and a teen, I loved to read.  I read every moment I could spare.  I would even go into the bathroom, turn on the fan and pretend I was handling personal business so I wouldn’t be disturbed.  I think my family knew what I was doing most of the time because after a while, it did not work as well as I wanted it to and my mom would tell me to “stop reading and get out of the bathroom.”

Then I went to college and studied English.  There was a lot, and I mean A LOT, of reading involved and honestly, I was sick of it by the time I graduated.  I didn’t want to see another novel, story, essay, etc.  But when I think back on that period of time, I realize I was still reading, just not books.  I started loving magazines. It was quicker and easier to get info and I enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Now, I guess, I have come full circle and I am into anything: books, blogs, magazine articles either digital or the good old kind that require you to physically turn the page.  And for some reason, rediscovery of this old joy, that never fully went away but that has been awakened anew is making me happy.  My to read list is long on  And I am happily thinking about the many hours of reading material that I have ahead of me.

I guess then that Friday’s “Secret”  is this: Remember what you loved to do as a child, and find ways to do it again.  Work puzzles, make model planes, color in coloring books with Crayola crayons, take photos, whatever it is, no matter how silly it may appear to us, do it. Hey after all, you might enjoy it and then you will…

enjoy life…

2 thoughts on “friday’s “secret” –

  1. Nirva Boursiquot says:

    I love this!!

    Growing up I was constantly reading. I would find time to read no matter what I had planned. I’m surpurised I didnt walk into a wall lol

    I think the older we get we forget to slow down & enjoy life. I’m definitely guilty of that. I’m constantly thinking about the next bill, work project, school project & etc :/ I’ve been trying to finish “Water For Elephants” for 8 months now…..just sad

    One on the biggest challenges for us as adults is we lose the child that’s in us.

    Your post was refreshing!! Defintely going to take your advice;-)


    • shannanenjoyslife says:

      Thanks Nirva,
      Of course, I agree with you 100% and this blog is about my journey to do exactly that. Thank you for your kind words and let me know how “Water for Elephants” turns out. Haven’t read that one yet.
      enjoy life…

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