what i’m into – keeping me sane {march 2020}

Oh my goodness! What a month!  This month seems have lasted a year!  And I thought that February was a doozy! Ironically, at the end of February, I was hoping for space and time to open up for me and that the weather would be warmer.  It did and it was.

Here’s five things that I have been doing (and should have been doing more of) this month to keep me sane:

  1. Running. I got sick, not coronavirus, one week this month and couldn’t run.  And I felt it, mentally, physically, emotionally, everything. Near the end of the month, I was able to start running again and my sanity seemed to come back.
  2. Media Breaks. I have had to stay off of news outlets and social media. At first, I was going down the rabbit hole in the name of staying informed.  But what it was actually doing was causing panic attacks. Seriously. Three of them. Now, I check the news with the intention of finding out what I need to know for the day and then, I do my best, not to check it again.  I even hid my internet app – it takes me four swipes to get to it. Before, it was on my home screen.
  3. Jigsaw Puzzles. The Buddy Man is a very good puzzle worker for five-years-old and we have been working a few together. My mommy and sister are excellent puzzle workers and I was not as good as they were. Besides, I had my books but Christmas last year, I bought a 500 piece puzzle and enjoyed it.  So this year, I have worked a few more and liked them very much. I think I might be a puzzle worker. There’s something very soothing about it.
  4. Showing Myself Grace. The first two(ish) weeks of social distancing were difficult – see aforementioned panic attacks.  Then I read an article on NPR.org about how COVID-19 has upended our world and that it’s OK to grieve.  And I realized that I hadn’t fully processed my emotions about what was happening.  This allowed me to give myself grace, recognizing that things were different and I have never experienced anything like this before. It’s OK to feel a bit lost and confused.
  5. Family Time. I am so very grateful for the time and space that has opened up in our lives. Both Hubby and I are blessed to still be working but due to social distancing, my Hubby has been home more throughout the day.  We have played games, gone on walks, ate more meals together, and generally spent more time together and with the Buddy Man. I don’t know if I would trade that for the world.

BONUS: I Love Lucy Show. I have been watching old episodes on Hulu.  They are a huge source of comic relief.  And the Coronovirus memes on social media have been so fun.

What kept you sane this month? Tell me below and if you have a monthly recap post, please link it there too.  We do this every month and we will do it again on Friday, May 1st. I pray that, by then, we will be returning to some normalcy, while keeping the things that matter.

enjoy life…

savoring {march 2020}

My theme for 2020 is Savor.  I have found that generally I’m not fully present to enjoy anything (and I do mean anything) that happens to me.  I am seeking to make major improvement this year in that area. Here on the blog, this translates to a monthly blog post that I have entitled Savoring: curated content that I’ve enjoyed recently and that you might enjoy too.

This month has been unprecedented.  I must say that I have been taking a break from a lot of media content over the past week or two.

I am still getting James Clear’s newsletter, which I talked about first here and he posted this on February 7, 2020.

Aim to be great in 10 years. 

Build health habits today that lead to a great body in 10 years.

Build social habits today that lead to great relationships in 10 years.

Build learning habits today that lead to great knowledge in 10 years.

Long-term thinking is a secret weapon.

This Instagram post has gone viral and explains quite nicely, to me, why all this social distancing could work?

And finally, this Instagram post from @stephsbookramblings cracked me up.


enjoy life…

quick lit – next page, please {february 2020}

If you were here for my What’ I’m Into – Keeping Me Sane for February, you will know that I have been exhausted, dealing with a ton of anxiety and was stressed out.  That made for a very unusual reading month for me. I only completed two and a half books!


  • Save the Cat! Write a Novel by Jessica Brody. I think most of us at some point want to write a novel and I am no exception. But I had no idea where to start.  Save the Cat gave me a place to start.
  • Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your mission, Your Message by Tara Mohr. I first found out about this book in 2012 but it was a case of right book, wrong time. This month, it was right book, right time. I had an epiphany while leaving a meeting this month.  I have been “playing small” in my life. I have been doing less than what I am capable of and even less of what I want to do in the road. Tara (you know I love the book when I call the author by their first name) is going to help me with this.   I’m so happy I read it. I am already implementing a number of strategies and have referenced the book many times since my initial reading.
  • The Girl in the Plane by Katherine Center. True, this is a short story but Goodreads counts it as a book so I am going to also. It is the connecting story between Katherine’s two books: How to Walk Away and Things You Save in the Fire, both of which I have read and enjoyed.

Currently Reading

  • The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix Harrow. I wanted to enjoy this one slowly, especially after hearing Alix Harrow discuss it at the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club meeting in February 2020. I am really looking forward to finishing this up when I am finish reading the books I need to read.
  • The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory. I have loved reading lighter fare during this season and will finish this one soon, if I haven’t already done so, by this post.

I didn’t abandoned any books this month.

What about you? How has this season affected your reading life?  What have you enjoyed recently?

And per usual, I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Quick Lit post.  If you are here, because of her, I’m grateful. Thank you for being here.

enjoy life…