an original poem

I’m bringing you something a little different today. A few years ago, I took a creative writing class and we wrote a variety of poems in different styles and formats. Below, is my favorite from the class.

My Sonnet

I find myself compelled by unseen force 

To move onward, against my will almost

Then pushed back from that place, I am, of course

Propelled again and again to that coast

The crashing breaking whirling swirling, beats

Upon the shore leaving me so pristine

Undeterred the wave returns to the deep

Pushing me to retreat return retreat

This is the movement of my journeying

In and out in and out progress regress 

That if I could only find accepting

Would be to me my version of success

A peace that passeth all understanding 

Secure in a love that’s everlasting

2 thoughts on “an original poem

  1. Susan in TX says:

    Love this! Been thinking a lot lately about living in the tension between the already and the not yet – feeling my forward movement and my retreating.
    Beautiful writing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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