quick lit – next page, please {may 2020}


If the pandemic didn’t throw my reading life into a tailspin, the last two to three weeks haven’t really helped it much.  I managed one book last month.


  • Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson. This is my second “must-read pick” from the Modern Mrs. Darcy Summer Reading Guide. I must say that it was not what I expected and it is outside my normal reading genre but I don’t regret reading it.

Currently Reading

  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I am LOVING this book! I have restarted it and am journaling through it, chapter by chapter.
  • The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny. It’s my third Louise Penny this year. I will be to completing the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge: three books by one author.  I can’t decide whether I like this series or not. The fourth book in the series is on hold at my local library for curbside pick-up so there’s that.


  • The Lovely War by Julie Berry. This was the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club pick for May. Greek mythological beings in a World War I setting, call me intrigued.  I still am; just not in the mood right now.

In Case You Were Wondering

The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide is the quintessential guide to a fun summer reading experience.  You can get your own copy here. Anne also does a Quick Lit post every month discussing what she is currently reading, to which I am linking this post.  If you’re here because of her,  I can’t thank her, and you, enough.

I hope you’re reading more than I seem to be able to right now.

enjoy life…


12 thoughts on “quick lit – next page, please {may 2020}

  1. Elena Wiggins says:

    I am about to start The Lovely War soon. I feel the same way about war fiction; I have stopped them before when I realized I just couldn’t read one more book about WWII because they all seemed so much like each other. Hope this one will feel different since it has such a unique layout with the Green mythology!

    Linking my May reads if interested!

  2. Cindy says:

    Hey there – yes the pandemic was very odd for me at the beginning (that seems like years ago, doesn’t it?), especially after telling myself I would love all the time in the world to read. Be careful what you wish for…

    But now I am truly back in the groove and reading what the damn hell I like, murder mysteries, thrillers, classics, stuff from the TBR and also (me treating myself as the bookshops and gyms are closed) buying books on Kindle and taking advantage of adding the Audible version for a lot cheaper than just Audible (a company I love, but don’t want to feel obliged to use every month, thus building up pressure-inducing credits). Then I can go on my long walks and listen for an hour or so, come home and carry on with reading the book. I am finding this a great help, and have got through some of the great new books out there (breaking a lifelong habit of predominately dead authors lol).

    Re Louise Penny – I had read great things on the blogs about her books, and read the first one pre-lockdown. I enjoyed it, it was an easy, pleasurable read, but a tiny bit …twee, pleased with itself, cutesy? I don’t know the word, but as much as I love my golden age crime and some modern not-too-gory thrillers, this didn’t gel with me as much as I’d hoped. Can’t win ’em all, Louise.

    My daughter is trying to read all the books she feels she ‘should’ read (A Clockwork Orange? Ugh) and I’m telling her to read ‘A Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing’ which I found for her in the charity shop (they opened for the first time yesterday – hoorah!) and is literally one of my tip top favourite books ever. She is still ploughing on with Anthony Burgess, though I notice taking a lot of time outs to check her phone.

    Keep up the good work, Shannan – reading our favourite book bloggers’ posts keep us going in these straitened and very odd times.

  3. Anissa says:

    I’m new here — like your post! My reading has been in fits and spurts recently. At the beginning of the shutdown I couldn’t read anything new — only re-read old favorites. It’s getting better now that school is out.

  4. Susan in TX says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve not been able to read much lately. The times we are living in are definitely having an impact on my ability to focus some days. My reading has slowed some, but in place of it, we’ve been having a lot of deep conversations around the dinner table which I’m grateful.
    Thanks for all you do to make the MMD community such a great place!

  5. Fonda says:

    I hear you on the Louise Penny. Number 1 was okay, 2 & 3 were strange, but I enjoyed numbers 4, 5 and 6. (That is as far as I have read.) Thankfully, I had already been warned about 2 & 3, so I stuck it out. I use the series for when I need to get out of reading slump. I’m a little hesitant to pick up Eight Perfect Murders, but I’m glad you found it worthwhile.

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