what i’m into – keeping me sane {January 2020}

For a number of reasons, January seemed to inch along like a dirt worm struggling over concrete.  It was long and tiring, and very daunting at times.  My son had oral surgery (I was a nervous wreck – but he’s fine), my husband and his car had a run-in with a deer (he’s fine- the deer’s fine – the car isn’t fine – and I am still a nervous wreck). January is generally very difficult for me – dreary, rainy days where the sun is hesitant to shine.

January is also my birthday month. And this year I turned 40 – another thing to increase my anxiety. I know that only way to halt the aging process entirely is to retire from this life.  Some people do it voluntarily.  Others don’t (RIP Kobe – that hurt somewhat as well). And I know, realistically that gratitude is the most appropriate expression of being a year older.  But 40 bears that weight of what feels like a mid-life – half of my life is over.  What will I make out of the (hopefully) second half?

So, what’s been keeping me sane this month? Here’s list from the mind-blown to the mundane.

  1. That practice of gratitude that I am slowly but steadily cultivating.
  2. Hot drinks in bookstore cafes surrounded by books and the possibilities that are contained between each and every page.
  3. My Hubby and the Buddy Man and their continual belief in me and my abilities. Playing Candyland and Uno with them have been highlights of the month.
  4. My boss and the team that I am so grateful to be a part of and their belief that I am a valued member of that team.
  5. My mom calling and texting and telling me “Happy Birthday” multiple times – I counted at least 5. And all the other birthday messages I received via calls, texts, Instagram and Facebook.
  6. The nine books that I read last month – and my first 5-star read of the year. My Quick-Lit recap will be up on Friday, the 14th.
  7. Electricity – we had a power outage for six hours one day this month. Heat and hot water are very necessary elements that keep me sane. And Wifi doesn’t hurt either.

What about you? What’s keeping you sane this January? Post your ways in the comments below and give me some ideas.

If you have a monthly recap post, please link it below. We do this every month and we will do it again on Monday, March 2.

I am also linking this post to Anne Bogel’s “What’s Saving My Life Right Now” – a special post that she does this time-of-year to help get us all through these dreary months of winter.  There are loads of ideas over there.  Check it out. And if you are here because of her, a sincere welcome. Until next time…

enjoy life…

12 thoughts on “what i’m into – keeping me sane {January 2020}

  1. Lisa notes... says:

    Happy 40th Birthday, Shannan! My 40s were some amazing years. I’m sure yours will be the same. (Of course every decade has been amazing. lol) Sorry about the deer encounter. Glad no one (other than the car) was hurt. I really try to keep my eyes open for deer, but they can pop out of nowhere. I used to see them a lot on Old Monrovia Road but not so much lately.

    My monthly linkup is here:


  2. Grace says:

    Bookstore cafes seem extra magical in the winter…I’ve yet to hide out in one this year so far, but I also hit my first 5-star book in January, courtesy of Anne Bogel. The Ten Thousand Doors of January wrecked me!

  3. Susan in TX says:

    Dropping sugar from my diet has been a huge deal for me this winter. I quit eating sweets the day after Christmas and haven’t had any since. I’m talking about chocolate, desserts, sweet drinks from the coffee place – that sort of sugar. No doubt there’s sugar in my salad dressing that I don’t know about, but stopping with the extra stuff has been eye-opening (as to how much I was actually consuming) and freeing. Not going to lie, it’s also been very HARD like any other addiction, but I’m noticing how much better I feel.

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