savoring {january 2020}

My theme for 2020 is Savor.  While journaling last November, it dawned on me that I don’t fully enjoy anything.  I’m a foodie but I inhale my food.  I love hot showers and warm baths but I use an abrasive wash cloth (not just for the rough spots of my feet and elbows but all over). I am generally not fully present to enjoy anything (and I do mean anything) that happens to me.  This has always been the case.  Last year, I did make gains in this area but I want it to be a focus this year-thus my theme.

Here on the blog, this theme will translate into a recurring blog post that I have entitled Savoring. Here I will feature curated content that I have enjoyed recently and I think that you will enjoy also. I am really excited about these posts.  I have wanted to share things from other writers, articles that caused me to pause, pics that made me laugh, etc.  Plus, this will help me slow down and notice these things – savor them, to see if I want to share them with you guys.  Here goes.


The Chair. MindyKaling Instagram

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enjoy life…

8 thoughts on “savoring {january 2020}

  1. Susan in TX says:

    Love the idea of “savor” – that’s behind my emphasis on slowing down my reading this year – savoring what I read, giving myself time to take it in before rushing to the next book (although Anne’s constant stream of new titles makes it hard to ignore the FOMO sometimes 😉 ).
    That chair! I laughed so hard when I saw it in your Insta feed – my son does this, but with a chair, the floor, an overturned box…I forwarded your Insta post to him and said, “Why did I think of you?” He loved it as well. 🙂
    Just read Cori’s post and yes, yes, yes, and amen! I am in my 50’s and there was a day last fall that I spent the entire day doing a whole lot of relaxing nothing and it was wonderful – the thing that made it wonderful: I realized it was the first time in my 50-something years that I had spent a day like that with ZERO guilt! I also realized that days like that are good and necessary to keep us sane sometimes. I’ve been trying to encourage my daughters to learn from my mistakes and give themselves space to rest, relax, recharge and have NO guilt about it. We all need to give ourselves more grace – such a needed reminder.
    Have a great weekend! Looking forward to your Savor series.

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