meditations on stories ii

Continuing my contemplation on stories

I was thinking about the influence of stories in our lives. More specifically, the stories that we tell ourselves. Don’t sleep; we all tell ourselves stories, personal narratives that consciously or subconsciously influence our decisions and how we live our lives.

“I will always be fat. I deserve to be fat.”

“My mom was such a great mom and I will never be able to measure up. I’m a terrible mother.”

“I could never be that open and vulnerable. I’m too afraid.  I won’t be successful.”

The stories can be glaring or subtle because sometimes, we don’t even know that we are telling ourselves these stories.

The great things about books is that they can make us aware and be used to change the narratives of our minds. Read the right book and we develop another sense of perspective. We begin to question the validity of our stories.

til tomorrow, enjoy life

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