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Pic. Anne Bogel

It is only fair that the first link list of this series, This Bookman: Meditations and Miscellany, will take you to the guru of my reading life, Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Her book, I’d Rather Be Reading was the catalyst for this series of posts. If you have visited my site at all, you have read about her.  Anne is amazing. If you want to jumpstart your reading life or wish to be more intentional about reading more, I highly recommend that you visit her site on a very regular basis.

Every year, she has the MMD’s Reading Challenge, where she challenges us to read a wider variety of books than we would not normally read.  This year’s categories included: a classic you’ve been meaning to read; a book in translation; a book of poetry, a play, or an essay collection; and (my least favorite and one I found to be the most difficult) a book nominated for an award.

Her Summer Reading Guide is one of the highlights of my year, and I always pick 3 or 4 to specifically indulge in every summer. Check out this past summer’s guide. I adored The Ensemble, a debut by Aja Gabel.  Check out my quick review.

In addition, she has a podcast, What Should I Read Next, which I can NOT listen to regularly or my TBR (list of books that I want to read) would be more out of control than it already is.  It’s a great podcast and one of the few to which I subscribe.  She interviews one guest who tells her three books they love, one book they hate, and what they are currently reading and Anne does a little literary match-making, telling them which book they should read next.  Yes, I have applied to be on the show.  No, I have not been accepted. (sob)

Below, I have listed several links to some of her content pertaining to enhancing your reading life.  In addition, every Friday’s she posts, Links I Love, which directs to additional great book content on the interwebs.

  • 15 Audiobooks That Enhance Your Reading Experience – I like the tangible act of reading: the smell of the book, the turning of the page. If I was going to try an audiobook, it would only be on Anne’s recommendation. It might work for you so you should check it out.

Hey! Let me know some great content on the web regarding reading and books, so I can check it out.

til tomorrow, enjoy life

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