our walk thru historic downtown huntsville

Hi! And welcome to my official start of regular blogging.

So, you know how you are reading other people’s blogs/Facebook page etc., and you see all the exciting things that they did over the weekend: how they went to a restaurant and had an amazing burger or a great cup of ice cream, how they took a walk thru a picturesque part of town and then posted beautiful pictures of what they saw.  I really like checking in on Crystalin and her blog In the City with Crystalin for her Weekend Recap.  She has always done something amazing.

I have found myself thinking: “I never do anything like that” or “Some people have all kinds of fun.” Then I had to correct myself. I DO do those things.  I do not do them often enough and I am not INTENTIONAL about making time and more importantly, mostly, I do not enjoy them fully when they are happening.  So, last month, the hubby, the pooch, and I went for a walk in downtown Huntsville.  Here are the pics. What do you think?

What are you going to be INTENTIONAL about doing this week?

enjoy life…

what do you think?

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