what i’m into – keeping me sane {september 2018}

This month has gone by in a blur of active non-activity. I have had a sense of rushing from time and place but then looking back, realized that in a physical sense, I wasn’t that busy.  I guess this feeling of disquiet, rushing, draining is coming from emotional experiences over the past month.  This month is not so much what kept me sane but what I have been up to.

  • I attended the 4th Annual Mompreneur event in my city of Huntsville. It was a place to meet and greet other moms who are out doing their thing.  It was inspiring and invigorating but as an introvert, incredibly draining at the same time.
  • I have been preparing for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run which involves many many 5:30 AM runs. I had been very consistent for the last month and a half, up until last week, where my body was begging for rest.  The old Shannan would have been afraid of the rest and that I wouldn’t be able to continue the training but that has not been the case.  After a few days’ rest, I ran faster than I had been previously running. Rest is good.
  • A friend and I started a group of Facebook called Obligers and Friends – the two of using quintessential Obligers. The purpose of the group is to provide accountability and a community to form the foundational habits that I essential to life. This month we completed the ½ Gallon/Gallon Challenge, where, for 21 days, we helped each other drink the water we all know that we need to drink. The support has been amazing. Let us know, if you’d like to join.
  • I watched the newest movie on Netflix, Nappily Ever After. As a woman of color, the drama surrounding hair has been a very real thing in my life that was comically portrayed by Sanaa Lathan. And when she cut her hair (she actually shaved off her real hair on camera in one take), I understood the liberation that she was feeling. The reflection of my hair journey was an emotional one.
  • I read Anne Bogel’s newest book of reflections, I’d Rather Be Reading, which spurred my own reflections of my reading journey.  This was also an emotional experience.
  • This month I had the pleasure of meeting one of the members of our virtual book club in person and discussing books and reading. Always fun. She was kind of enough to give me two novels, one I discussed in this month’s Quick Lit. I would love to have more personal encounters with fellow bookmen.
  • Until I can make those happen, I must continue engagement via social media and on this blog. To that end, I will be participating in #Write31Days in October.  What does that mean? I will be posting to my blog every day for the entire 31 days of October.  I can see you are incredulous –  I have not been known for the consistency of my posts. But I feel this is the catalyst that I need to become more of the writer that I want to become.  I look forward to seeing you here.

What have you been up to? What’s keeping you sane?

enjoy life

what i’m into – keeping me sane {august 2018}

We say that we want more time.  What we really want is more memories.

 – Lila Davachi

I was concerned about running myself ragged this month due to our trip to Miami – don’t you always need a vacay after your vacation?  But I am very proud to say that based upon a revelation from Laura Vanderkam’s new book, Off the Clock, I focused on having new experiences which created lasting memories:

  • We ate at some new spots even though I typically like to eat at national food chains for consistency. But in the spirit of trying new things, we tried out several local spots. One day was a disappointment but the best was The Daily Creative Food Co. in South Beach. It was ranked number four of The 15 Best Places for Breakfast Food in Miami and I would really like to know how on earth the top three could be any better. There were omelets the size of your head and the home fries, AKA breakfast potatoes, were beyond delicious. Everything was seasoned to perfection. No salt needed. There was also fresh squeezed oj. It was easily one of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten in a restaurant. Yum! And they serve breakfast all day. It doesn’t get any better than that.

We also ate at a soul food place: Lil Greenhouse Grill in Overtown near downtown Miami. Delicious, albeit service was a bit slow due to the restaurant being full, but the food was worth the wait.

If you’re in the Miami area check out these spots. I don’t think that you’ll regret it.

  • I visited Books & Books, an indie bookstore with a few locations in the Miami area. I had the pleasure of visiting two of them. I love bookstores.
  • When we returned home, I watched The Guersney Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, a Netflix Original. Set right after WWII, the movies involves a writer. There’s a book club. And there is a bit of romance.  What’s not to love? And it was delightful. You should check it out (It was originally a book, of course. May have to read it to find out the whole story one day).
  • The fall issue of Joanna and Chip’s Magnolia Journal contained an article about Joanna’s foray into the world of watercolor. I have always wanted to learn how to watercolor but, like Joanna, I was afraid of the medium.  Everyone said that watercolor is the most difficult of the painting arts.  But inspired and motived by Joanna and wanting to make memories with the Buddy Man, I purchased two sets of Crayola watercolor – one for him and one for me.  We have been painting consistently since.  And yes, it is challenging. The color moves with the water and can be hard to control without proper techniques.  But watercolor is also versatile; where else can you paint with salt and cotton balls?  And thanks to all the artists on YouTube, I’ve learned that there is no right or wrong way to watercolor.    Go with the flow, something that I need to learn to do daily anyway.
  • I have participated in the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run for cancer awareness and prevention, occurring annually in October for a number of years and those races are definitely in the highlight reel of my life. I’ve signed up for this year’s race, scheduled for October 20th, and if you are in the Huntsville area I would love to see you out there – either running or cheering us on. Let me know if there’s a chance to meetup.
  • And, not to end on a sour note, we had a negative experience this month: Our dog, Bimmer, some of his reflections were featured on this blog, got loose from the home where he was staying while we were on vacay in Miami. He did not come back when called.

What about you? What have been some of your best memories this month?

Linking up with Leigh Kramer, per usual.  It’s fun reading what everyone is up to. Does that make me nosey?