enjoy life guest post: ellen andrades

I really LOVE thrifting

I have another guest on the blog this month! I have known Ellen Andrades since we were little kids. We have moved multiple times and hadn’t spoken for years but thanks to Facebook, we have been able to reconnect and keep in touch. Ellen recently launched, Thrifty Ells, her wardrobe consulting business. I will let her tell you all about how she enjoys life, specifically through her passion, thrifting.

Ellen AndradesI am so thrilled to be a guest writer on Shannan’s blog and thankful for the opportunity to share the ways I enjoy my life. I would describe myself as very outgoing, family oriented, and a fashion enthusiast.   I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, listening to live music, dining at cool restaurants, and THRIFTING!

Thrifting has become one of the latest trend in fashion,however, I’ve been thrifting for years; including back when it was taboo to tell someone you were wearing second-hand clothing. Some find peace and relaxation through reading, exercising, or golfing, whereas my happy place is found walking up and down the aisles of thrift stores, digging for that one eye catching garment AKA the “Thrill of the Hunt.”

I can shop on a small budget and hit the jackpot by finding high quality pieces for a fraction of the cost in regular retail stores. There is such a diverse assortment of clothing at thrift stores, I’m less likely to find myself wearing the same top or dress as a friend or co-worker and I love the fact that I can always find one-of-a-kind pieces that compliment my unique style and personality. It allows me to tap into my creative side by pairing different patterns and colors together.

My favorite thrifted find is a 100% rabbit fur vintage coat for $8 that I found shopping on my lunch break at a local thrift store. When I tried it on, I immediately felt like a million bucks and ready to step on the red carpet! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to wear it because we didn’t have much of a winter here in Atlanta, but next winter I’m definitely wearing it, even if I have to travel to New York to do it. LOL!

There’s a familiar saying: “It’s not about what you wear, but about how you wear it.” Thrifting gives me that WOW-factor! So many times people come up to me and ask me where I got a certain outfit, and when I proudly tell them it was purchased at a thrift store, their response is always, “WOW!”   And normally this starts dialogue where I share the places that I go and my tips on how to find the best deals.

If you’re a interested in thrifting, here are two tips to begin: (1) Do a full inventory of your closet and create a thrift store wish list to take with you and then set your budget. (2) Take your time. Go on a day when you have a few hours to spend sifting through the racks for those items on your wish list. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and your money will be spent wisely.

Thrifting is my passion and that’s why I started Thrifty Ells, a wardrobe consulting company designed to educate women on how to save tons of money and how to break out of the ordinary by mixing patterns, textures, and colors to create stylish and chic looks. I want to help women discover a new lifestyle of saving money, recycling, and being bold in the way they express themselves through fashion. Yes, I love to go out and hunt for the best thrifted pieces, but I find even more enjoyment when I can show others how to do the same and get that WOW-factor, while thrifting their way to a debt-free lifestyle.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on clothing when you can shop at thrift stores and look fashionable all while saving money that can be put towards enjoying life: traveling, catching up on bills, or putting extra money in your savings account? Without saying a word, your clothes tell a story of who you are. Say something interesting.

You can see more of Ellen’s awesome thrift finds on Facebook and Instagram. Make contact to start your journey of breaking out of the ordinary without breaking the bank and finding that WOW-factor!






6 thoughts on “enjoy life guest post: ellen andrades

  1. donnainthesouth says:

    gonna tell you this story first; hub went to our bigtown thrift store Saturday and guess what, guys, he found – oh, wait, I forgot this is local so maybe I shouldn’t say the name of the company but he found a company shirt and ya’ll know how much those can cost! and in his size! as well as another one; actually he’s been lucking out more than me here lately (well, then, maybe not, I’ve run across 2 of those new kind myself in my size, which is getting harder – ergh!) ran across one today real local, as in not in Huntsville – we live out in the boonies – with shirts all $1 and he got another really nice – one of those solid color, not printed, etc., ones that looks so nice – this time I didn’t luck so much, at least not on the clothes, but lead to an interesting conversation that might fix that problem – but did a pair of shoes – and, yes, I will wear used shoes, or should I say those that don’t look used, so how do I know? but the really big deal – an L.L.Bean backpack – price on it there was $17, for $1, counted as a purse, she said, which they were also all $1, did score a nice big bag to put everything in, plus she does want all this ubiquitous plastic bags that still seem to find their way in; maybe eventually….

  2. Paula says:

    I’ve never been thrift shopping, ( do yard sales count? lol ),but your post make me want to! I definitely like the idea of saving money on clothes, and recycling. I’m trying to be more mindful of wasting things, and clothes is one area I need to work on. Great post!

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